Benefits of an eBiz Card over a traditional business card:

  • eBiz cards can be distributed while maintaining social distancing.
  • eBiz cards are easy for your family, friends and work colleagues to “hand out”.
  • eBiz cards can be shared via email, text, social media etc.
  • eBiz cards are Facebook friendly for sharing.
  • eBiz cards can be changed and the change is dynamically updated to your market place.
  • eBiz cards are custom designed to match your corporate colors.
  • eBiz cards are compatible with iPhone, Android, tablets & desktops.
  • eBiz cards use SSL Encryption to keep your and your client’s data safe.
  • eBiz cards come with their own unique QR Code to add to your printed materials.

What does a typical eBiz Card include:

  • Your logo and/or headshot
  • Share buttons
  • Contact buttons
  • Description of services provided
  • Up to 5 images
  • Contact form


Normally we charge $150 for the 1st year and the initial design and then $75 per year thereafter, however during this time of social distancing we are only charging $75 for the 1st year and $75 per year thereafter.

Yes, I am interested in having an eBiz card for my business. Please contact me with regards to getting me set up and running.

Brad Burris of Century 21 - A Select Group
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